Welcome to ArtTrue Decor Online

Welcome to ArtTrue Decor Online

Browse our entire collection of products made by artists from around the world!

We have taken our love of art and created a place to nurture yours. Visiting our website you will find paintings and modern sculptures that vary from classic impressionist pieces to modern Pop Art. Trained artists from China and the United Kingdom bring you functional artwork with modern perspective.

Our website houses a large selection of antique pieces from the 18th and 19th century, including beautiful Chinese vases, decorative marble slabs and other culturally symbolic relics.

For those interested in more contemporary pieces, we carry unique metal art made of recycled steel and other repurposed materials. Handcrafted Haitian metal art is both beautiful and functional for everyday home use. Baskets and jewelry hand crafted in South Africa of recycled telephone wire provide a simple decorative touch.

Enchanted book boxes, one of our most popular gift items, are an ideal storage space for valuables and important documents. Made of wood and crafted in three sizes, we also carry a specially designed safe box with lock and key. Adorned with classic and modern prints, religious and culturally significant representations and original artistic creations, you can find a book box to satisfy any preference.

Finally, we have an eclectic collection of handmade sterling silver jewelry from all over the world, created in varied styles with beautiful and elegant stones.