Chopsticks Art

Collapsible Chopsticks

Great chopsticks twist in half like mini pool cues.  The carrying case makes them easy to travel with and keeps them clean at the same time. Bring them to restaurants, camping or use them at home.  A perfect gift for the sushi lover in your life.
Basket can be used functionally for fruit or can be used as an art oiece on it's own or with seasonal decor. To make things even better it folds up flat like our other baskets.
Large Folding Basket is our best seller.  Great for holding fruit, serving bread and more. It will hold around a dozen medium sized apples and oranges.  Made with bamboo chopsticks,  it is strong so you can pile in as much fruit as you would like. Also, because of the good air flow it will keep fruits and vegetables fresh. It can be washed with soap and water if needed. You will love this basket.