Alexander "PAstO 11" Delgadillo

Conceptual art leaves us extraordinary possibilities, like the use of any material or object to the artistic creation, interdisciplinary and infinite versatility of artistic creativity, or even the use of additional open spaces and recently digital media. These tools should be of service to man, for the preservation of human peace with the earth, that is what guides the creations of Alexander. His art is created to kindle the deep within human conscious, the suppressed desire to experience peace with the earth, placing grass in all his compositions, Alexander pays homage to the most vulnerable living thing on earth.

Meeting in the work of Alexander a contribution to the art of drawing, weighing it through the strength of the line, playing with the contours and geometry. His stroke is safe, without hesitation and with this first intention reflecting the quality of work. Their movements are fluid and bold, drawing looks like something simple, accompanying importantly silences, emptiness; that is, it is not necessary to saturate the space; because the atmosphere is given from a few stripes and nothingness. Is notorious mastery of anatomy and deformation of it, as reflected in the portrait clean and exaggeration in the bodies.

Alexander has recently taken up painting easel, and his proposal is sectioning the oscillation between different shades of color, and make a line drawing with ink, thus highlighting the strokes that give meaning to the composition. The bright colors characteristic of Mexican art, prevails in his creations.