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ARTTRUE Decor works with over a 10 international artists. Discover more about featured artists and what inspires them.

Aaron Greenwood

Born in the UK just south of London in Kingston upon Thames, Aaron now lives in Shenzhen, China, the city that represents the heart of both Art and Technology in China.

Earlier in his career, Aaron has worked on commissions and projects in over 20 countries for clients such as Hard Rock Café, Ferrari F1, and The Rolling Stones.
As an early adopter of computers for creativity both in his music and graphic artworks, Aaron has excelled in his ability to use technology to create art in all of it’s forms. Aaron continues to research and incorporate new production technologies, materials and media as a means to expressing his creativity.

In his latest series of mixed media works, Aaron translates 2-D information into complex and detailed 3-Dimensional forms through the combination of shapes, textures and colors.

Jason Mann

BA Hons

Fine Art Painting
University of Brighton
Jason's art work is a reflection of the natural environment that surrounds him. He transfers his visual interpretation to 2- dimensional paintings and drawings.


Jason imagines the real world and attempts to depict a personal and unique image that gives depth from the surface and a realism that is possible to draw empathy and engagement.
Jason likes to think of this engagement as a 3rd dimension with a value that is beyond the simple character of a photograph or a print. The importance is the touch and sensitivity of the human eye and the hand which takes the viewer beyond the flatness to create an experience for the viewer that has an extra level beyond the surface.


Key ZhouKey Zhou

Key uses various techniques to express his emotions in art. In “The Flow of Nature”, he paints on acrylic glass reversely; then mounts on a paper backing with vibrant colors running into each other.

He paints with Chinese ink in the traditional Chinese way on Rice paper on his “Watercolor landscape” work. Key depicts the scenery and shows what it is like in his own imaginary perfect world.



Catherine Wright

BA Hons                                                                
Fine Art Painting       University of Brighton                                                                    

Based in London, Catherine is a passionate artist, who experiments with different
techniques on paper and canvas. She uses a variety of mediums such as acrylic, oil, glass paint, gold leaf, sprays, to name just a few! She is uninhibited with a strong imagination. In her collection, The Flow, Catherine carefully planned her palette displaying her skill and artistic expression.      


Alexander “PAstO 11” Delgadillo


Conceptual art leaves us extraordinary possibilities, like the use of any material or object to the artistic creation, interdisciplinary and infinite versatility of artistic creativity, or even the use of additional open spaces and recently digital media. These tools should be of service to man, for the preservation of human peace with the earth, that is what guides the creations of Alexander. His art is created to kindle the deep within human conscious, the suppressed desire to experience peace with the earth, placing grass in all his compositions, Alexander pays homage to the most vulnerable living thing on earth.

Meeting in the work of Alexander a contribution to the art of drawing, weighing it through the strength of the line, playing with the contours and geometry. His stroke is safe, without hesitation and with this first intention reflecting the quality of work. Their movements are fluid and bold, drawing looks like something simple, accompanying importantly silences, emptiness; that is, it is not necessary to saturate the space; because the atmosphere is given from a few stripes and nothingness. Is notorious mastery of anatomy and deformation of it, as reflected in the portrait clean and exaggeration in the bodies.

Alexander has recently taken up painting easel, and his proposal is sectioning the oscillation between different shades of color, and make a line drawing with ink, thus highlighting the strokes that give meaning to the composition. The bright colors characteristic of Mexican art, prevails in his creations.




The art has always been an inspiration in my life! When I look at a grand cathedral window it gives me a sense of endless perfection. It brings whole range of emotions to see the way light plays and changes as it passes through colored glass. Working with glass has been a joy, passion, love, a great sense of satisfaction as I create my stained glass projects. View the world through rose-colored glass – and blue, and green, and violet, and red, and …

Victoria Long

Victoria Long is an American artist originally from Illinois now living in Alexandria, Virginia. She is known for her distinct style utilizing organically inspired geometric patterns and vibrant colors. The level of detail in her drawing and painting is unique and the palettes she use tend to be highly energetic and vibrant.

Working with ink and paper as well as acrylic and canvas, Victoria produces images that are truly dynamic and distinct. She has been influenced significantly by Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams, various Southwest artists, and MC Escher.

Victoria’s works have been featured as part of emerging artist’s exhibits and are now available for display and sale.