Ip-Wing Kong


Mr. Kong is one of the most famous businessmen among the contemporary Chinese-American Community. As a Devout Buddhist, Mr. Kong has paid great attention to the practice of Buddhism in this modern society. Despite his hard-work in developing his own business, he has been able to find time to dedicate his heart and soul to the spread of Buddhism and helping his fellow man through philanthropy.

It is especially worth pointing out that in the past 10 years Mr. Kong has focused on Chinese calligraphy, and has been practicing a wide variety of calligraphic styles. After thoroughly researching the specialties and nuances from traditional schools, and then combining his Buddhist spirituality and the fruits of his calligraphic studies, Mr. Kong has produced a certain unique calligraphic style with his own personal touch of enlightenment. Once a person gets a glimpse of Mr. Kong's paintings, it is easy to see how Mr. Kong has successfully combined traditional Chinese calligraphy and Picture Drawing into a new meaningful style that looks like the ancient pictographic language of China. More importantly, his works of art display the tenet of Buddhist philosophy that dictates "Without shape and form, but not empty, yet non-existent". Mr. Kong's outstanding sense of art has been fully shown in one of his own poems written with his calligraphy: "Drawing the hollow form of heaven and the earth, understanding non-myself and non-regular, and practicing the freedom from solid form."

When people enjoy the opportunity to view Mr. Kong's Work, they can understand the enlightenment of the Buddhist Zen master, Qing Yuan of the Song dynasty, when he said: "There are mountain and water when you see them; there is no mountain and water when you see them; and finally there are mountain and water when you see them." Therefore, Mr. Kong's calligraphic works have the rare quality of having a deep understanding of the artistic value of appreciation, while also making people think deeply and enter a state of contemplation.